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Travel should not be stressful or complicated. A private aircraft will allow you to travel with ease and confidence.

AeroSolutions can help you navigate the world of private aviation to make sure you get the plane you need.

The Benefits of Your Private Aircraft


The health of your family, friends, and employees is paramount – especially when traveling.

A private aircraft offers unmatched safety and social distance. Travel exclusively with your trusted contacts knowing exactly who has been on your plane.


You have total control over the flight schedule when flying your plane. Depart when it’s convenient for you and go direct to your final destination.

The days of inconvenient flight schedules, repositioning flights, tiresome layovers, and long TSA lines are long gone.


The comfort of your private aircraft’s cabin will help you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.


For business travelers in particular, a private aircraft is an unparallelled productivity tool. Research has shown that S&P 500 companies that utilize private aviation outperform their non-private-aviation peers by 70%.

You can customize your aircraft with as much connectivity as you need including international high speed Wi-Fi and cell service for calls.


A private aircraft can be depreciated 100% in the year of purchase. As a result, the acquisition of a private aircraft could create significant tax savings for you and your business.

We will work with you to find the aircraft that matches your needs

Criteria to consider when buying an aircraft:

Trip Distance

  • How far is your typical destination?
  • Do you typically stay on the East Coast?
  • How frequently do you travel internationally?


  • How many passengers do you need to transport?
  • Do you typically travel with children?


  • What is your budget for acquisition?
  • What is your budget for annual operation of the aircraft?
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Light Jet

Ideal for short regional trips
Cessna Citation Jet / CJ1

360° Cabin Tour

Passenger Capacity 5-6 Passengers
Speed 364 KTS / 419 MPH
Range with Seats Full 731 NM
Years of Manufacture 1993-2005
Acquisition Cost $1.0-$2.0M
Cost Per Hour $1,400
Trip Route Trip Duration
Washington, DC - New York City, NY 1.0 Hour
Washington, DC - Miami, FL 2.5 Hours
Washington, DC - Chicago, IL 1.5 Hours
Washington, DC - Atlanta, GA 1.5 Hours

Midsize Jet

Ideal for cross-country trips
Dassault Falcon 50/EX

360° Cabin Tour

Passenger Capacity 8-10 Passengers
Speed 431 KTS / 496 MPH
Range with Seats Full 2,900 Nautical Miles
Years of Manufacture 1980-2007
Acquisition Cost $1.5-6.0M
Cost Per Hour $3,800
Trip Route Trip Duration
Washington, DC - San Fransisco, CA 5.5 Hours
Washington, DC - Dallas, TX 3.0 Hours
Washington, DC - Denver, CO 3.5 Hours
Washington, DC - Paris, France 8.0 Hours (1 stop)

Large Cabin Jet

Ideal for frequent international trips
Bombardier Global 6000

360° Cabin Tour

Passenger Capacity 12-14 Passengers
Speed 488 KTS / 562 MPH
Range with Seats Full 5,700 Nautical Miles
Years of Manufacture 2011-2019
Acquisition Cost $20.0-28.0M
Cost Per Hour $4,500
Trip Route Trip Duration
Washington, DC - San Fransisco, CA 5.0 Hours
Washington, DC - Paris, France 7.0 Hours
Washington, DC - Sao Paulo, Brazil 8.5 Hours
Washington, DC - Shanghai, China 20.0 Hours (1 stop)

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